Saturday, October 25, 2008

Workshop Pieces

These are 4 of the pieces that I did at Nancys. We always start with a black and white composition and work off of that. She gives us certain directions to do these. Working from a black and white has its advantages. You can change things you don't like about the piece and do more of the parts that work. It is very time consuming but I can see how it would help make your work evolve.
The large neutral piece is from my black and white. It is the upper left hand corner. I folded it to get a smaller composition. The neutral is about 4x4 feet. I was supposed to do a color piece off of the neutral but I did not get to that. I will have to work on that at home. It is amazing to me how many ladies do not like neutrals. I love them. Those are my favorite non colors. I have come to find out that I like bright colored pieces at first but then I get tired of looking at them.
The 2 brown and black pieces were seperate. The small one was supposed to be busy and the large piece was supposed to be sewn wonky. I really have a hard time sewing wonky. I am a perfectionist and that is hard for me. I want to straighten everything up. That was the joke of the workshop, me and my straight sewing. I really learn alot in each workshop that I take. It may not show in my workshop pieces but I try to incorporate it into my pieces at home when I have a little more time to concentrate.
My pics do not want to load in the order I want them to. So they start from the bottom and go up.
I am enjoying all of my shows this fall. I seem to gravitate toward the weird and unusual. I love Dexter, Little Britian, and Trueblood. They are on HBO and Showtime. My song of the day comes from the theme song of Trueblood. Come to find out he is a country singer right here in Nashville and was born in the town next to where I grew up. It is a small world. He has a nice deep voice like Josh Turner.
Song of the day: "Bad Things" by Jace Everett

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Missy said...

I really like the new pieces that you made.

Will have to check out your song of the day as I have never heard of him, but I love Josh Turner's voice. MMM =)

My little girl is a prissy neat freak. I have to wash her up in between bites of food if she gets dirty. I can not claim that one as my own. I am NOT high maintenance at all.