Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Down

I finished quilting my homespun top today. Now it will have to sit until I can get my cutting table up. I do not have the binding for it. That is ok, if I could get about 4 or 5 quilts quilted while I am under construction I could do all the bindings at once.
They are coming tomorrow to get the drywall done. My garage is freezing and so is my studio because cold air is getting in without our insulation. The painters are set up for next week. I am going to paint it Latte from Restoration Hardware. That is the same color I did the bath which is right next to it. I need to go look at track lighting. I want black or oil rubbed bronze. I heard all of the Home Depot Expos are going out of business so I will look there first.
Song of the day: "Just Dance" by Lady GaGa & Colby O'Donis

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rainbow Leaves

I decided that I wanted to make my leaves out of wool felt and angelina fibers. That machine is also easier to move around. I used water soluble stabilizer to felt the shape. The leaves are about 7 inches long and around 5 inches wide. I did have to lug my sewing machine downstairs for the stitching. Once I am finished with the felting and the stitching I cut loosely around the shape. I had a container of hot water ready to soak them in. The stabilizer helps bind the fibers together when it dissolves. I am really pleased at how they turned out.
Nothing new on the studio. We are at a standstill.
Song of the day: "It's Too Late" by Carole King

Friday, January 23, 2009

International Fiber Collaborative

Finally we are dry. It has taken 4 full days of 5 blowers and 1 dehumidifier in my studio and 3 blowers and 1 dehumidifier in the garage. Now we have the weekend to get through. I am hoping we can start on repairs next week. I just don't want this to take forever. I keep wanting to go sew and I cannot. I will keep my fingers crossed.
I was looking at Tommy's blog this morning and she had a link I wanted to share with you. There is an artist in Huntsville, Al. looking for other artists to make leaves. They are creating a full size tree in Big Springs International Park and need leaves to cover it, The Tree Project. How cool is that! If you look at the sight you can see the project they did last year and get all of the info. This will give me something to work on while I am waiting.
I have to say this is why I enjoy blogging. Seeing what others are doing and finding out about things you might not otherwise know about.
Song of the day: "Hell Yeah" by Montgomery Gentry

Monday, January 19, 2009

Blessing In Disguise

I can't say that I have been having fun the last 3 days but it has made me look at all of my things in my sewing room. I cherish it all but I think this last year I have gone a little crazy. When it doesn't fit on a shelf or in a cabinet it is time to quit buying. Believe it or not I do have projects planned for all of that fabric. The best way for me to describe it is a clown car. When you see all of those clowns get out of very small car and they just keep coming. That is what it felt like taking EVERYTHING out of my sewing room, when will it end. I will be very careful putting things back in. The reason it might be a blessing is now I can paint my room and put in track lighting to get rid of all of my lamps that are clamped everywhere. I might get new carpet out of it too. It will also force me to go and quilt my quilts on the longarm. I tend to stay in my sewing room and piece. I love doing it all but I really love to piece.
Song of the day: "Life Ain't Always Beautiful" by Gary Allan

Saturday, January 17, 2009

One Year Anniversary

I have been blogging for one year now. Yah! I wish I could get to it more frequently than I do. I picked my birthday to start on so I would not forget. I am 42 today. Not very excitng. I have gotten alot of nice phone calls from family and friends and I appreciate that. They have all interrupted my painting. That's ok it is nice to feel loved since yesterday I thought I was going to go postal on my builder.
I have been doing good sewing and getting things done. I finished a project that has been lying around for about 7 years. It is a square in a square with homespun fabric. When we had our guild meeting the other day we had techniques at 5 tables and we rotated every 10 minutes to see all of them. One was a really fast way to do square in a square so it made me think of mine. I tried to do it that way but I did not have enough fabric. So I finished it the way I started it. Now I have free room on a shelf to take some fabric off the floor and put it on the shelf.
Nashville got down into the single digits the last 2 days. The kids even missed school on friday because it was so cold for this area. We left our water dripping thursday night so we would not have any problems. That did not seem to matter. My husband got up friday morning to take a shower and our shower was frozen. No water. Around 11am my daughter was getting ready to leave and opened the garage door and said, Mom it is raining in the garage!!!!!! Water was pouring down out of my ceiling out of an electrical outlet on top of the garage door opener to the floor. I ran upstairs to my bathroom and heard water spewing inside the wall behind the shower. It was also coming out of the wall onto the floor. All this was bad but then my husband told me it was going down leaking into the carpet of my sewing room which is on the other side of the wall of the shower. 2 plumbers later we found out it never should have happened. The builder did not insulate the pipes properly and did not give us access to the open space behind the shower to fix this problem if it ever happened. So now I have a huge hole carved in the drywall in my sewing room. I have to take everything out of there and pull the carpet up to dry and replace the pad. Our garage is full of drywall and insulation that has to be fixed. I am ok with things that happen but if should not have happened in the first place that is what makes me mad. I will not be sewing for a while, maybe I can get caught up on my quilting. I will try and forget this birthday!!!
Song of the day: "Wake Up Call" by Maroon 5

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back To Painting

This was the first full week back to school. I have to get myself adjusted again. I did alot of sewing over break and got some great quilts started. I also never finished painting my rooms, which I started this past weekend. I thought my husband was going to have to drive me to the chiropractor. If it did not save me money I would not do it. My neck hurts so bad when I am done. I do love how when you paint it makes everything seem so clean. I ordered I huge wall clock for one of the walls I painted. It will be on my steps going upstairs. It is a black, 31in., and has gold roman numerals. They have great prices at Simply Wall Clocks.
We celebrated my son's b-day at Outback. He was craving their cheese fries. His b-day cake is Jello's No Bake Cheesecake. He loves that and it is so easy to make.
I can't leave out the GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only watched the end because we went to the Predators hockey game the same night. My husband had to see Sydney Crosby of the Penguins.
Now back to quilting. The triangles I have finished are for True Blue. I am using my cream batiks and some beautiful orange, peach, pink, and a little rust batiks. I had them counted but I forgot, there are at least 500 triangles. Maybe more depending how big I go. The other quilt is Brick Path (free pattern) by Amy Butler. When I was sewing the bags my daughter saw this quilt and wanted it. It is beyond easy so I am glad she picked that one. I picked 25 different Lotus fabrics. I ordered most of them from Quilthome. Another great online store I have found.
I hope to get back to blogging more frequently. My one year is coming up. I started blogging on my b-day the 17th which is this saturday.
Song of the day: "After The Fire" by Der Kommissar

Sunday, January 4, 2009


My daughter just came back from fla. on saturday. Now that I have given her a camera she knows I expect to see some pictures. She actually was thinking of me while she was there. She photographed my favorite bird, the pelican. I like this bird for so many reasons. On my days off while I lived in fla. as a single person I was either at Daytona Beach or Alexander Springs. Until I made friends I went to these places by myself. So I turned into a people watcher and a pelican watcher. Really all nature but I loved to watch them dive for fish and fly up and down the coast. They would just glide about 2-4 inches above the water, very straight and very fast. I think I like them too because they are so unique looking. Just as a side note my friends dad got pooped on by one. It covered his whole chest when it hit. He said that is the worst bird to be pooped on by!
As far as the palm tree goes, well I know you can picture yourself sitting under it listening to all of the sounds that are provided by the wind and the water. I know I can see myself sitting there drinking a cold one!!!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful 2009.