Saturday, January 17, 2009

One Year Anniversary

I have been blogging for one year now. Yah! I wish I could get to it more frequently than I do. I picked my birthday to start on so I would not forget. I am 42 today. Not very excitng. I have gotten alot of nice phone calls from family and friends and I appreciate that. They have all interrupted my painting. That's ok it is nice to feel loved since yesterday I thought I was going to go postal on my builder.
I have been doing good sewing and getting things done. I finished a project that has been lying around for about 7 years. It is a square in a square with homespun fabric. When we had our guild meeting the other day we had techniques at 5 tables and we rotated every 10 minutes to see all of them. One was a really fast way to do square in a square so it made me think of mine. I tried to do it that way but I did not have enough fabric. So I finished it the way I started it. Now I have free room on a shelf to take some fabric off the floor and put it on the shelf.
Nashville got down into the single digits the last 2 days. The kids even missed school on friday because it was so cold for this area. We left our water dripping thursday night so we would not have any problems. That did not seem to matter. My husband got up friday morning to take a shower and our shower was frozen. No water. Around 11am my daughter was getting ready to leave and opened the garage door and said, Mom it is raining in the garage!!!!!! Water was pouring down out of my ceiling out of an electrical outlet on top of the garage door opener to the floor. I ran upstairs to my bathroom and heard water spewing inside the wall behind the shower. It was also coming out of the wall onto the floor. All this was bad but then my husband told me it was going down leaking into the carpet of my sewing room which is on the other side of the wall of the shower. 2 plumbers later we found out it never should have happened. The builder did not insulate the pipes properly and did not give us access to the open space behind the shower to fix this problem if it ever happened. So now I have a huge hole carved in the drywall in my sewing room. I have to take everything out of there and pull the carpet up to dry and replace the pad. Our garage is full of drywall and insulation that has to be fixed. I am ok with things that happen but if should not have happened in the first place that is what makes me mad. I will not be sewing for a while, maybe I can get caught up on my quilting. I will try and forget this birthday!!!
Song of the day: "Wake Up Call" by Maroon 5


Missy said...

Oh my goodness. Why didn't the build your house right? Pardon the french but what a-holes! At least you get to redo your room.

Frieda said...

OH my goodness, you poor thing. After the kitchen and now this. I saw sue the sucker. Good luck with it all, you are keeping a happy face on for so much trouble.
I hope to see you in April, Melody says she is coming up for the day.
love and kisses