Sunday, January 4, 2009


My daughter just came back from fla. on saturday. Now that I have given her a camera she knows I expect to see some pictures. She actually was thinking of me while she was there. She photographed my favorite bird, the pelican. I like this bird for so many reasons. On my days off while I lived in fla. as a single person I was either at Daytona Beach or Alexander Springs. Until I made friends I went to these places by myself. So I turned into a people watcher and a pelican watcher. Really all nature but I loved to watch them dive for fish and fly up and down the coast. They would just glide about 2-4 inches above the water, very straight and very fast. I think I like them too because they are so unique looking. Just as a side note my friends dad got pooped on by one. It covered his whole chest when it hit. He said that is the worst bird to be pooped on by!
As far as the palm tree goes, well I know you can picture yourself sitting under it listening to all of the sounds that are provided by the wind and the water. I know I can see myself sitting there drinking a cold one!!!!!!

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