Friday, January 23, 2009

International Fiber Collaborative

Finally we are dry. It has taken 4 full days of 5 blowers and 1 dehumidifier in my studio and 3 blowers and 1 dehumidifier in the garage. Now we have the weekend to get through. I am hoping we can start on repairs next week. I just don't want this to take forever. I keep wanting to go sew and I cannot. I will keep my fingers crossed.
I was looking at Tommy's blog this morning and she had a link I wanted to share with you. There is an artist in Huntsville, Al. looking for other artists to make leaves. They are creating a full size tree in Big Springs International Park and need leaves to cover it, The Tree Project. How cool is that! If you look at the sight you can see the project they did last year and get all of the info. This will give me something to work on while I am waiting.
I have to say this is why I enjoy blogging. Seeing what others are doing and finding out about things you might not otherwise know about.
Song of the day: "Hell Yeah" by Montgomery Gentry

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Missy said...

That is a really neat idea.