Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Dear Jane Blocks

Here are my first Dear Jane blocks. This is the batik one. I am starting on the easiest blocks first. I can get started on the civil war now. I finally got my background fabric in. It is all washed and ready to go now. I really hope I like it as much as the batik. I showed my sewing group today. They liked all the colors of batik. There are 3 of us doing it in my small group. We may have a few more that want to join in. We were at Vanessa's house today and she made us a fabulous lunch.
I shipped 3 quilt tops to Australia yesterday. They said it would take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to get there. I just hope they make it there.
I am heading out to Ky. tomorrow to help my brother with the kids. My sister in law had a hysterectomy today. Everything went well and she will go home tomorrow. I wish I could stay longer than the weekend but I have to get back to my kids.
Song of the day: "Mercy" by Duffy

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Missy said...

Those are really neat. Hope you had a great weekend.