Thursday, September 4, 2008

Before and After

Here is the finished product. Much improvement! We have not been enjoying it for the last couple weeks. It has been so humid outside. Some rain is supposed to move through tonight and drop the temp. and the humidity. It is nice when we can have dinner outside. It took the dogs a little while to get used to everything. Even though the dogs can go out now all by themselves I still have to stand out there and keep them from peeing on everything. Both are male and they just follow each other and pee over top of whoever peed first. Crazy!!!
In the spring I will landscape around the fountain. Not too much. I did get some lavender the other day to start. It smelled so good!
I am going to sew tomorrow. Ladies in the guild are getting together to work on soldier quilts. They are providing lunch so I am there! I do not know how many quilts we have donated so far. I will find out some facts tomorrow.
Song of the day: "Play That Funky Music" by Wild Cherry

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Missy said...

So are ya singin 'play that funky music' at the top of your beautiful new deck. I love it. Your whole house is beautiful!