Sunday, September 21, 2008


Since friday of last week people have been freaking out about gas around here. I guess we started to run short. We were not getting shipments from Texas because of hurricane Ike. Word got out and everyone started flocking to gas stations topping off and hoarding. I have never had to wait to fill up for gas. I think I waited about 15 minutes but I needed it. I forget what the paper said about gas sales since this. They were up like crazy, so it seems we had the gas but everyone was panicking and going and getting more. Things should be back to normal this week. I guess the gas line in Texas is up and running now. It just really makes you stop and think about what you do. If times get hard how would you react and what would you have to give up. It has been hard keeping my daughter home this weekend. We just tried to make her understand that no matter what happens you have to be prepared. Just because everyone else is out driving around doesn't mean you can too. If gas is going to be hard to get you have to make sure you can get back and forth to school. That is your main priority just like people have to go to work. Maybe one day all the things we lecture her about will sink in.
This is the gas station down from my neighborhood. Both entrances have long lines of people waiting. How much gas do you waste by waiting in line for a long time? I snapped these while I was waiting at the intersection.
On another note, GO GATORS. They did a great job kicking Tennessee's butt! Hopefully they will be able to keep that up all season. They have some tough games ahead. I thought the Gator's colors of orange and blue were obnoxious but they were showing highlights of other college teams during the breaks. Oregon was green and neon yellow. My husband said I think they are green and gold. I did not see gold I saw hurt my eyes yellow.
Song of the day: "Black Magic Woman" by Santana

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Missy said...

That is really crazy. I remember that happening up here after 9 - 11! Hope things are calming down for yall.