Friday, September 12, 2008

Sick All Week

Just when I get back into a rhythm something happens. I was doing so good getting into my studio and sewing them bamm I get sick saturday night. When I went to bed my right hip was hurting. No big deal, I get aches and pains here and there. Sunday I woke up aching everywhere. Monday my head was about to split open, all my joints hurt, and my hands and feet were burning. I went to a walk in clinic. They could not tell me anything from the tests they ran in the office. They sent some of my bloodwork out to a lab for tick related illness. I just got the results from that today, nothing! It has been a week and my hips still hurt. They said I probably just have a virus. It is frustrating when you do not know exactly what you have. I have never been this sore and achy. If I go out I load up on motrin. Which is what I did today.
My daughter and I spent some time together today. We stopped by a friends house, picked up some algae stuff for my fountain, and went to lunch. I am always amazed at who I see around town. There was a group of people walking in the restuarant. I noticed a very tall girl in a red dress coming in. As soon as she took her glasses off I recognized her. She was the model that married Peter Brady, of the Brady Bunch. Then about 4 men later he walked in. Too funny, Peter Brady!! Every star I have seen is always shorter in person. My daughter was trying to get me to notice the christian singer that came in and I was trying to get her to notice them. That is the afternoon gossip around here.
This flower was the last thing I was working on before I got sick. I am going to do 9 blocks all purple with cream backgrounds. I figured that is a good way to use my batik creams I have been collecting. I ordered some more purples and browns today. This one flower is about 24 inch finished. It will be another big one. I got my 2 1/2inch strips of batiks that I ordered last week. They look great with the creams.
Song of the day: "Daisy Jane" by America

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Missy said...

I hope that you are feeling better. Have you thought about seeing a "back cracker"? Maybe it's a pinched nerve?