Friday, April 17, 2009

Katz Deli

One thing we like to do is eat. So we watch food network and the travel channel alot. We like Man vs Food. So we knew there were some places we were going to look for in NY. When he went to Katz's Deli the food looked so good, not healthy but good. I knew I wanted to go there.
It definitely was an experience. When you walk in they give you a ticket and tell you not to loose it. We had no idea how to order. It just looked packed at the counter. So I started asking people what to do. You have to get in a cutters line. That is a guy behind the counter that cuts the meat. The only thing we were interested in was the pastrami, cornbeef, and beef brisket. I asked if I could try each and the guy gave me a dirty look. Not sure why, the guy in front of me tried the meat. He did give up some samples. I ended up getting the beef brisket. The meat was fabulous it just needed a little gravy!!! There isn't anything I won't put gravy on.
This is the restaurant that the famous scene from When Harry Met Sally was filmed. There is a circle hanging from the ceiling that is above the table they sat at. Pictures were all over the wall of famous people that have eaten there. I really do not care who has eaten there as long as the food is good. It is definitely a place you would not want to eat at often. Once or twice a year as a treat. It is meat overload!
Song of the day: "Lets Go Crazy" by Prince

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Missy said...

Yum food! Sounds like you had a good trip