Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I made it back safe. I had a great time as usual. The first day I went to Hancocks, the Quilt Museum, and preview night. I had not been to preview night before. I did not realize it was an extra 25$. Live and learn! It was worth it this trip. I knew I was not going to have alot of extra time on my hands because I had signed up for 2 full day classes. So I looked at the quilts and the vendors that night. Of course the quilts were just as spectacular as ever. I did not take one picture while I was there. I just bought the book of show quilts. There were alot of Japanese quilts this year. I really like their style and fabric choice. There was also an exhibit of Japanese quilts at the museum.
My 2 classes were fun. I took Libby Lehman' s reverse circle applique class. I mainly just wanted to take her. I have wanted to take a class from her for a while now. She is so funny and full of good information. My other class was machine quilting and trapunto with Phillipa Naylor. Another great choice on my part! She was awesome. I definitely want to take her again. She quilts so slow. That is how her stitches are almost perfect. I am going to have a hard time slowing down.
For having very little time to shop I managed to buy. It was like power shopping. One of my purchases was a SEW EZI table. Since my group meets once a month at each other houses it will work out great. Sometimes we are a little crowded so now I will have my own table. The thing I love about it is the fact that your machine sits down in it. If it just sat on top of it I would not have bought it. And it is PURPLE! They must have thought about me when they made it.
The other is my new toy. It is supposed to come in the mail today. When I get it set up I will let you know. It was funny because my friend in Florida called and started talking about it to me and I was like, haven't we talked about this before? She was like, no. We both had been thinking about it. I told her I was going to Paducah to talk with them so she should wait and let me tell her all the info I had found out. I was so excited to call her when I got back. Well she could not stand it, she bought one while I was gone. Now she has hers already. She likes it so that is a good sign.
Gotta go now I am in the middle of washing and ironing fabric today. It's good to be home!
Song of the day: "Watching Airplanes" by Gary Allan


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Glad to hear that you had a fun trip. I love that song!!!!

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