Thursday, April 16, 2009

New York City

We had a great time in NYC. I was definitely ready to get back home. It is a great place to visit but I would not want to live there. Our main reason for going was opening day at Citi Field where the Mets play. That was my first professional baseball game. The stadium was awesome. Very well lit and easy to photograph and video in. After watching ice hockey for a whole season baseball just seemed slow and non eventful, no fighting or checking. The game was monday night so we had thursday-sunday to walk around the city. It only rained one day so we did not get much sight seeing done that day.
We went to Little Italy, Soho, Chelsea, East Village, Lower East Side, and the West Village. Our hotel was right off of Time Square. We really did not think about it being Easter weekend. It was really crowded. I did make it to the 2 quilt stores. I found a few things but I did not want to overdo it because Paducah is next week.
Song of the day: "China Girl" by David Bowie

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=) sounds like fun.