Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trying To Get My Son Out Of Bed

I am yelling at my son to wake up while I write this post. We have alot to do today and I need to get going. He is being lazy today. His friend spent the night and they stayed up too late. Now he is catching up on his sleep.
I will be working on my mulch beds the next couple of days. Getting rid of weeds, raking up old mulch, and laying down new mulch. I know that will make my back hurt. I cannot part with the money to have someone else do it
I forgot to mention how proud of myself that I am. No its not bragging. I did not go into one quilt shop while I was in Florida. I rode by a few and was very close to some more but I did not go. That is hard for me. I like to see what the stores have because they all seem to have different things. My kids were even shocked. My husband was glad!
My son is still not getting up so I need to go jump on him!!!
Song of the day: "The Pretender" by the Foo Fighters
my son is learning that song on his guitar


Missy said...

ha ha I'm trying to get my son to take a nap. Wanna trade. Good girl. Save some money. Are you heading out to the cma fest this week???? I soooo wish I was in Nashville. ;( I think I will cry now!

Trooper Thorn said...

Once he became 15, getting the boy up has sometimes involved basins of cold water. Never as a surprise, always with plenty of warning, but a necessity.

Good luck.