Thursday, March 6, 2008

Flower Petals

The only thing I had time to do today was cut out some flower petals. I am going to do a large piece with my fused flowers. They are a pain to cut. Then I have to stitch in layers. It is Melody's hand dyed silk. I bought as much as I could from her before she quit selling her dyed pieces. I will be sad when it is gone. I dye my silk totally different from her and can't seem to get the vibrant colors that she gets. I will practice again this summer.
My husband and I talked this afternoon and it looks like I will be able to take Improvisations at Nancys this fall. I am very excited. That will be my third class with her. I try and get up there at least once a year. It is like summer camp for me. No phones, dogs, kids, or anything to do but sew. Having someone cook for you just makes the whole experience complete. Ring the dinner bell and I am there. It also lets me spend some time with my friends that live in Columbus. Now I have to get some pieces done to take with me.
Song of the day: "Love, Reign O'er Me" by Pearl Jam


Missy said...

Very pretty! How cool. I'd love a few days away. I need to find some kind of knitting thing like that!!!

Maggie said...

I'm taking that course with Nancy in May, my first. I'm really looking forward to it.