Monday, March 31, 2008

Unexpected Visitor

I got a few more pieces sewn on my Indian Orange Peel today. The day started out nasty and rainy so to me that is good sewing weather. After lunch it started to clear up then by about 3pm it was gorgeous. I needed to start clearing the weeds out of my mulch beds. It is really weird that I have different weeds this year. These are not as easy to pull up and when I do there is a huge root system taking half of my dirt with it. So I am out there just working away and then something catches my eye. About 3 feet away is this huge skink. He was lying so still. I am surprised he did not run away with all of the racket I was making. He was warming his little body. I say little but if you stretched him out he was probably 10-12 inches long. He did not even mind his picture taken.
Song of the day: "Come Away With Me" by Norah Jones


Missy said...

I have been trying to get your page to load for days and just now got it. Sorry for the lack of comments. I really like both of the projects you have going. That little critter is kinda cute!!!

tiger said...


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