Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fun With The Girls

What a fun day of sewing. Everyone was working on their own projects. The nice thing about being in a group is the support and getting their opinions. We are managing to squeeze into everyone's house and studios. I really like seeing the different studios.
The group consists of six very talented women, Julie, Barb, Sharon, Vanessa, Chris, and me. We are meeting once a month right now. I find myself really looking forward to our sewing day.
We had a little show and tell today. Sharon brought her Dear Jane that she has been working on along time. She did not do all of the blocks but decided to piece together what she had already done. We all discussed her blocks the last time we met and she came today with them sewn and she started on her border. The colors are definitely not traditional Dear Jane but it looks awesome. I am just impressed with anyone who tackles a Dear Jane.
I am thankful for our sewing group and I hope we have many more sewing days together.
Thanks for the flip flop fabric Chris!
Song of the day: "Fever" by Kylie Minogue


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Is that the quilt at the top? It's really pretty!

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