Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Black And White

I received my second shipment of black and white and a few colors mixed in again. I go looking for the white on black and get more black on white. The black and white just really make those colors pop. I guess you just can't have enough of some things. I did kinda freak out a little when I caught a little of Oprah the last 2 days. The life of Hoarders, then I look at all of my fabric stash. The lady on the show was such an extreme case but it does make you stop and think about all of it. I am sure the feeling will go away when I see more fabric I like!!!!
I am getting together when my quilt group tomorrow. We will be out in the country. We were told to look out for turkeys as we get closer to her house. I wish I lived out in the country. I love it out there. I know it has drawbacks but it is so peaceful. I will be working on my Mumbo Gumbo. I will be taking my grocery bags full of strips and dump them in her floor. I am sure she won't mind. I finished my half square triangles that go in the center of the blocks tonight. I needed 80. Thank goodness for triangle paper. I love that stuff.
Song of the day: "Jolene" by Sherrie Austin

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Missy said...

Ha ha you should have seen my yarn stash a few years ago. I had 5 totes full of yarn. I haven't been buying yarn for the last year and a half minus the yarn I bought for that sweater. I really like the white and blacks you keep buying too.