Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family Outing

Today was going to be hot and humid so I tried to find something we could do that was indoors. I saw an add on the travel channel yesterday for a car museum in Nashville. I had no idea we had one. It is the Lane Motor Museum. It was much better than I had expected. I am not a big car fan but after I looked on their website it looked interesting. They are in the building that used to be the Sunbeam Bakery. The main floor is 40,000 sq. feet and has brick and maple wood flooring. It was very cool.
The first car I have pictured is the pedal car. It had the push pedals with a chain kinda like the play cars you could get in when I was a kid. That was my favorite. It should be the only car for teens. It would cut down on all of the places they go and keep them in great shape! The others pictured were very unique. They all had a story of where they were made, who made them, what year, and a fun fact. Too much for me to remember.
My husbands favorite was the 1971 Mini Cooper and my sons was the Lamborgini.
If you are ever in Nashville it is definitely a good place to visit.
Song of the day: "No More Words" by Berlin

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