Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Unique Cars

Here are a few more cars. I thought the silver one was great except if it was a sunny day. We would all be blind! The red car does drive both ways. I think the guy designed that one to go up and down hills better? It would be great for parking, pull in and drive right out. The one bad thing about going to that museum is now my husband is looking at older Mini Coopers. He really liked the one that was there. He has a purple one now. I feel like a giant clown getting out of a clown car when I ride in it. Don't get me wrong I like it but not as much as I thought I would. It is a five speed and I have no desire to shift gears again. I can't eat, dance, put on makeup, and talk on the phone if I have to shift!!!!!
They are starting on my deck today. Very exciting! It looks huge, maybe because there has been nothing there for a week. They are drilling into the brick and it is making my teeth hurt, like nails going down a chalkboard. I just want everything to come together and look awesome. I have waited 5 years for this. We got some patio furniture over the 4th weekend. I have never had nice patio chairs or table. We have been sitting on plastic folding chairs. My son does not want me to throw them away because he sat on them while he spent time with my granny out on the deck. How sweet, but they are going to fly away in the next storm!
Song of the day: "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion


Missy said...

Wow, those cars are really neat. Sounds like you have been busy lately. Hope you had a great weekend. How is your dog doing???

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