Saturday, August 23, 2008

AQS Show

One more busy week out of the way. We got my daughter registered for her classes. How can you go wrong taking photography, drawing, and art history? I will have her teach me everything she is learning. I am looking forward to going and getting her art supplies. I might have to get a little more for myself!
My husband and I went and saw Bruce Springsteen thursday night. He was definitely a good performer but I am not a huge fan of his. It didn't help that our seats sucked. We were the first row off the floor. That was good but we were far back from the stage so the angle to see him was bad. Now that I have to get up at 5:45 in the morning I did not want to stay out late.
I spent 2 days at the AQS show here. The first day I shopped and looked at the quilts with a friend. The second day I white gloved for about 2 hours. That was a little stressful. I was put in a display that people wanted to touch even though there were signs everywhere, DO NOT TOUCH! We are all quilters and we know better. I caught one lady scratching a quilt. She was trying to see how it was put together. I would never touch someone elses quilt especially at a show! It was a great display. It was called Currency Exchange. Ladies from Japan, US, and New Zealand took a piece of currency and interpreted it in a quilt. They had a picture of the currency and how it inspired the quilt. There is some really pretty money in other countries. These were a few of my favorites. I think they were about 18in x 18in.
Song of the day: "Spirit in the Night" by Bruce Springsteen

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Missy said...

Wow those are beautiful. I really like the one with the big leaf in it. The colors make it look real.