Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Fabric

This past week was nice and busy. School started for my son. He started middle school and really likes it so far. I have to spend some of this week getting my daughter registered for college. Then she starts on the 25th.
Also this week is the AQS show here in Nashville. I am looking forward to going. The show is moving to Knoxville for the next 3 years. I hope we get it back. I will be looking for batiks.
In the near future here I hope to have some of my hand dyed fabric for sale. I will be cutting it up into 2 1/2in strips. There will be lots of colors in a bag. I just have too much and will not be using it anytime soon. It will be great for strip piecing, applique, and paper piecing. As soon as I get the time to cut it all up it will be available on my blog.
I ordered a little fabric before I went to Florida. It is called Paintbox by Lonni Rossi. Her stuff is great because she works with value, light, medium, dark. I just never seem to get it all when I shop. I have a hard time buying light. It's great stuff and I can't wait to start working with it.
Have a great week and I will try to post some about the show.
Song of the day: "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat

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Missy said...

Love the new fabric. I really like that song too.