Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last Day

Friday was our last full day at the beach. The only thing we had to do was walk down to the lighthouse. We had heard from a few people that there were some big star fish being found there. It was a good thing we did not walk down there first thing in the morning like I had planned. A pretty heavy rain storm came through. I would not have been happy being caught out in that with my camera. So me and my son walked down there about 11am. At first we did not see anything. Then my son found one and within 5 minutes we had found 6. They were the size of his hands. That is the biggest 5 point starfish I have found. We put them back after their photo shoot in a place were hopefully nobody found them. There is a law on Sanibel about not taking live shells so I think people think it is ok to take starfish and sand dollars.
When we got back to the cottage I noticed a lady had a different starfish (9 legs) than what we had found. It was huge. The size of a dinner plate. People were digging them up out in the water on the sand bars. So I sent my husband and son out to find some. They found plenty. They kept digging one up after the other. Then some friends we had met at the beginning of the week, Nan and Rich joined in the hunt for the starfish. It was a great way to finish out the day.
We drove home all day yesterday. I got car sick as usual so I have spent today recovering. School starts tomorrow so things are getting ready to get busy!

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