Sunday, December 7, 2008


It has been a busy last 3 days. Friday I spent all day helping Stitchers Garden, the quilt shop in downtown Franklin move their location. Of course I was not the only one. Ladies from our guild volunteered for a donation. I have never lifted so many bolts of fabric. Her store is big and open now with lots of light. Will it stay that way? Who knows.
Saturday I got the christmas tree up and decorations started. My kids were getting upset because I was not doing things fast enough. They help for about 30 minutes then I get to do the rest. That is ok I got to watch the Gators beat Alabama. We left during the 4th quarter to watch the Predators so I watched the end at the Sommet Center. It was a good day, both of my teams won. We had a semi good fight at the hockey game too. The Predators traded one enforcer for another one about 2 weeks ago. I guess this one is better. He fought a guy that was listed at 6'8". That guy left the ice with a bloody nose and did not come back.
I did a little christmas shopping today. I am not an early shopper. It takes me a while to figure out what to get everyone. My kids are at a bad age. My daughter is 19 and has everything she needs and we are paying for college right now. My son is 11, so he is not little or big. I think he probably has more than most adults. He and his dad are big gadget people, the latest and greatest. I told my husband we just need to start taking a cool trip at christmas and making memories instead of buying things!!!!! The only problem with that is we do not like to travel when everyone else does. I am sure we will figure something out.
Song of the day: "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak

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Missy said...

Finally. I've been trying to get your blog to load for a week and it would never work. I saw all of your posts via bloglines, but couldn't get them to open to comment.

It sounds like you have been one very busy woman. I just love reading about and looking at all of the pretty pictures you post. I hope all is going well for you.