Sunday, February 8, 2009

Felted Ball Ornaments

I have been wanting to make these for some time. The first tutorial I saw was on
Judy Perez's blog. She made felted balls and decorated them with stitching and beads. I did not use exactly what she did but I wanted to try some varigated yarn I had purchased.
I rolled it up in a ball, placed it in the panty hose, tied string between each ball, and threw it in the wash. I will show the finished product tomorrow. I don't think I made the water hot enough so I will run them again tomorrow.
I sent my leaves off to The Tree Project in Huntsville. If you go to their website they have pics of some of the leaves they are getting and pics of the tree they are constructing.
Things are returning to normal. My garage is finished except for the light fixture. We had to clean it out this weekend. Dry wall dust was everywhere. The painters actually painted the whole garage and not just the part that was patched. That was a nice surprise. Nice and clean.
My studio is almost finished. The light fixture and carpet need to be put in and then I can move back in. Maybe one more week.
Song of the day and album of the year: "Gone Gone Gone" by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

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Missy said...

oooh Great song! I love those"balls" really cute I may have to try that too!