Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moving Back In

My studio is officially finished. The curtain went up today and the carpet was installed yesterday. Yah! I actually cut some fabric tonight. I needed something to work on when my group meets this thursday. I have only moved my cutting table and ironing board in. I will bring one piece in at a time to see if I want to make changes. If I did not have to have shelves in there for my fabric I would have alot more room for my tables.
I am a prewasher. I wash all my fabric before a project. The only time I did not my project did not turn out right. In the last 2 days I have washed, dried, and ironed almost 200 yards of fabric. It was almost therapeutic until around 9pm. That is when my back and legs started to ache. It does not look like that much fabric when it is ironed and stacked. I am going to keep washing until all my fabric is done. Now I can just go to my stash and get started on a project. I did not take pics of all the purples, blues, greens, and colors that really did not fit any group.
Song of the day: "Bennie and The Jets" by Elton John


Missy said...

great song. Glad to hear that you are moving back in!

Gerry said...

Do I see Kaffe Fasset in that Stash?