Thursday, January 24, 2008

Isn't Christmas Over?

I was in charge of our christmas guild party this year. We had a great time. People in costume were running around. The costumes were made by Paula. There were 2 gingerbread men greeting people at the door with a candy cane. Vanessa and I were elves. I am like the 6 foot boy elf. Some of our ladies did a dance routine. Instead of the Rockettes they were the Quiltettes. There was an ornament exchange, door prizes , and of course good FOOD. We decided as a committee that we would challenge everyone to make a christmas quilt for next year and have a huge show and tell. I have picked my pattern and finally received all of my fabric in the mail. It is hard to find good red batik but I think I did pretty well. It will actually be my third christmas quilt. I already had 2 started in hopes of finishing them for 2007. My goal now is to finish all 3 plus everything else I am working on.
Thank you everyone for your comments and emails. They are greatly appreciated.
Song of the day: "Home" by Marc Broussard

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