Friday, January 25, 2008

Thinking of Summer

Since it has been so cold the last 2 days (for tenn.) I have been thinking of warmer weather. When it is nice and warm in the summer I am out in the garage dyeing fabric. I am like a kid. What can I dye, how much, and what colors to mix. I've tried to be strategic when I dye but I have much more fun when I play. I am still trying to find my niche on how I want my fabric to look. Crinkle, stripes, blends, or rainbows? I dye all of this fabric then I hardly use it. I end up using everyone else's that I buy. Oh well!
My kids have really gotten into it. My daughter goes crazy with t-shirts. Then she ends up dyeing for all of her friends. We use her orthodontic rubber bands to bind the shirts. They work great. My son will come out and dye a couple then I have to do the rest of his. This summer I am going to have a tie dye party for his friends. I will let them all come over and dye their own shirts.
I really like to dye the silk charmeuse. It takes the dye so well. I did about 45 1/2 yard pieces this last summer, then over 100yds. of cotton before going to Nancy Crow.
It is funny the way my neighbors walk by and look at me. I look like I have a meth lab in my garage. Then there is fabric everywhere outside. I have even pinned it to the grass to dry. Only a few have asked what I was doing. They don't realize there is a creative genius in their midst.
Song of the day: "Mr. Pinstripe Suit" By Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

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Mrs. Mel said...

When I saw those fotos I thought you were doing this now in the cold. Yipes.
All that work. Omy!