Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More machine needle felting

I just got back from my Cook Without a Book class. It was great. Now I am all carbed out. Breads and pizzas. She started by giving us cinnamon rolls and rice crispy treats with white chocolate. The rice crispy treats also had a lemon cream on top. All that must have been what made me sleepy. This class was definitely not a good class to be sleepy in. I need to take it about 3 more times just to understand it all. The recipes were: rosemary focaccia, basic white bread, whole wheat pizza dough, whole wheat pizza with smoked chicken,pesto,and goat cheese, homemade pesto, and cinnamon rolls. That pizza was fantastic.
Now on to felting. This is the machine that I felt on. It has no fancy knobs or adjustments. It doesn't need thread and there is no bobbin. Depending on the machine it can have anywhere from 5-7 barbed needles. That is what helps it push your roving into the felt or whatever you have as a backing. I am experimenting with different things on the back. I have not broken a needle until I did a demo for the guild. I was talking and moving my piece underneath the machine not paying attention. The reason why I tell you this is because the needles are expensive. A pack of 5 is about 15$.
Here is one piece I have done, "Purple Poppy".(I am having a hard time photographing them because they put off a shine). It was done with silk roving. I get most of my silk from Treenway Silks. There colorways are gorgeous. There is also something else you can do with the silk. It is called silk fusion. You are making a silk paper. When you spread the fibers out and add textile medium and let it dry it makes a silk paper. It is a little more involved but you get the point. Treenway describes it better on their website. I will experiment with that when summer gets here.
Song of the day: "SOS" by Rihanna
If you do any kind of cardio workout this is a great song.

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Vanessa said...

Thanks for the tip on the song. I just bought it to use on my 8 mile run for Thursday.