Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Proud Aunt

This is the newest member to our family. She is so precious and I love babies. So of course I had to make a quilt for her. I have plenty of patterns but when I saw this one I knew it was the right one. I didn't buy the book for the pattern as much as I bought it for the alphabet that came with it. It is funny that the sample in the book was my niece's name. The book is "Winsome Baby" by Nancy Halvorsen.
Song of the day: "Tell Me 'Bout It" by Joss Stone


Grace said...

How absolutely adorable your new niece is. You've done something I never get to do...finish the baby's quilt before they turn 1 yr old!

Missy said...

OHHH how cute & so is the baby! ha ha I really like Joss Stone too. Man we have the same taste in music!!! I just got around to reading all of your posts. I love your quilting it's so inspiring! Great work!!!!