Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Color Palette are You?

I think I am just starting to figure this out. There are times when I have realized it but I forget. I am not sure why I forget but I do. I think it is because there is too much to choose from. I see all these cool colors in the quilt shop and think I have to have them. Then the fabric sits on my shelf and collects dust. I have just recently sent my granny 2 boxes of fabric. It is fabric I bought when I first started quilting and I know I will never use it. She loves it, so life works out for everyone!
First and foremost my favorite color is purple. That doesn't mean I like everything in purple it just means that is what I am drawn to. Then it is blue, brown, cream, black and army green. Most of my clothes are these colors. Every now and then I try something new like pink, orange or red. Those colors usually hang in my closet and never get worn. My first quilt teacher at the shop in fla. was the first to point this out to me. Everytime I came in to take a class my fabric matched my shirt.
My first picture is a bargello heart. That is my one and only purple quilt. I went ahead and got that one out of the way. I love making the bargello heart. It is such a fun quilt. The second picture is a quilt I started about 7 years ago and that shirt is the one I had on in class. That is one of my favorite shirts and I have that same shirt in blue and made a log cabin that matches it perfectly. She pointed that one out in class too.
I feel like I am rambling and not getting my point across even though I understand it in my head. I have started being very selective about what I buy and staying within my palette. So when I bought my bathing suit this last summer I knew I had to get fabric to match it because I loved the colors. So I feel really good about that purchase because I know they are colors I really like. So I take my bikini top to the AQS show in Nashville because I know Batiks Galore will be there. I found every color in my bikini and nobody thought I was weird! The quilt I am going to make is an interpretation of the design on the bikini.
Song of the day: "Smoke Rings in the Dark" by Gary Allan


Quiltdivajulie said...

I get it perfectly! I've just sent off several dozen yards of fabrics for charity quilting (purchased within the first year that I was quilting)... now I stick to colors I love (no matter whether they're the "newest" or not).

Missy said...

Wow... I love your blog! I've always wanted to try quilting, but I am no good at sewing. I am a knitter thou... Great song of the day by the way!!!

andrea said...

I like the way you think!