Friday, May 16, 2008

Lucky Day

I finished cleaning the room today that I painted. I started putting my blue tape around another area. I am painting a hallway. I am going to wait to do the other room. I want to paint with a different color right now. It will be the latte.
It is going to be a crazy week. My daughter has all of her finals. My son has parties and a huge field trip to Alabama to the space center. He is excited about that. My family starts coming in on friday for graduation on sunday. I have my sewing day with my friends on thursday. That will probably be the only day I sew this week.
I took my dogs for a walk in the park today. We have not been able to go the last couple of days because it has been raining. The creek was full of water again and I could here the quail talking. The blossoms are falling off the trees now and it doesn't smell as good. One of my favorite things are clovers. There are clover patches everywhere in the park. I am always looking down trying to find four leaf clovers. I am pretty good at finding them. My Granny calls me eagle eyes. Up till now I have not found a single one. Well today was my lucky day. I found 2 then walked a little farther and found 2 dollars then walked a little farther and found 2 more four leaf clovers. I have to say I left the park in a pretty good mood!
Song of the day: "Lucky Star" by Madonna

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Missy said...

That really does sound like a lucky day.