Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Down 4 To Go

Well I completed one room. Now to the living room. I have to paint the whole wall in there. That is going to suck. It does have a chair rail so maybe I will paint one half at a time so I won't be in so much pain. It will be that same color, silver sage. These are my paints. You really can't get a more exciting picture than cans of paint!
I am really trying to get myself organized this year. Working on the house and getting the inside like I want it. I could complain about my builder for probably a year. We have had to go behind him and fix things that should not have to be fixed yet. Our house is only 5 years old. So hopefully this year we can get ahead.
That little container on the boxes is acrylic medium. I actually learned something from watching TLC. If you put your painters tape on then go over the seam with the medium it seals it and paint does not leak underneath and you get a nice crisp little line. My lines are almost perfect. It really works.
These are my photo boxes that I just ordered from Exposures, a great place to get frames and photo storage. I will just be putting my pictures in there with the negatives. I do not have time right now to organize photo albums. So with these my pics will be put away and look nice. They even make little furniture pieces to put these in. I told you I like browns. It is just kinda timeless and easy on the eyes. I should have worked in a zoo so I could have worn khaki everyday. That would be heaven.
Song of the day: "Mercy" by Duffy

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