Thursday, May 8, 2008

Studio Tour Part 2

I took a picture of at least one way everyone stored their fabric. There are definitely many storage solutions out there to pick from. I personally have to see all my fabric and thread or I forget I have it. If I forget it I will never use it. I am rethinking my shelves for my fabric. I may switch to the shelves that mount to the wall.I am thinking I may get a few more shelves that way. I have some fabric on the floor that I need to get off of the floor. Right now my fabric is on wooden book shelves.
It seems as though alot of quilters knit or knitters quilt. We just need to keep our hands moving I guess. I would like to knit a scarf one day but that is it. I cannot start another hobby! I found if I keep my neck warm the rest of my body stays a little warmer.
I took a picture of this cheese because the joke was did she cut the cheese like that. She said she fussy cut all the pieces and someone would be eating alot of scraps. Quilt humor, who knew!
Song of the day: "Angel Boy" by Tim Mcgraw


Missy said...

I see YARN! I see YARN. How cool !!!

julie said...

I would love to have my sewing room organized like those!!!It would make it so much easier to find stuff!