Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Favorite

This was my favorite quilt at Paducah this year. Don't get me wrong there were alot of great quilts but this one made me stop and really look at it. I had also seen a picture of another quilt the artist had done in Houston. This one is "Blushing Triangles 3" by Gloria Hansen.
Paducah is always fun because I get to hang out with my friend Tiki that lives there. I get alittle me time too. I think I hit every vendor I could find. They were really spread out everywhere. It is nice because everyone is not all sardine packed in one big room. I ate at all the restuarants I like, went to the museum and walked through another display of art quilts downtown. Friday night I went to dinner with my new BFF Frieda Anderson and Laura Wasilowski. I had eaten all day and still managed to eat again at dinner. That was the day I had my strawberries and ice cream from the boy scouts, so good. I ran into alot of my friends from guild and we had to check out each others goodies. It is important to see who is buying the most!
Another good show come and gone. I will be looking forward to the Nashville show.
Song of the day: "Low Rider" by War

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Missy said...

I really like that one too. Glad you had a great time.