Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Log Cabin

My neighbor called me last night to look at a quilt she got from her mom. She doesn't know who made it but it is as least as old as her great grandmother. I cannot date quilts but it looks like reproduction fabrics with muslin. The muslin has the words "honor pure finish" stamped in red in a few places on the back. She asked if I would quilt it for her. There is really no emotional ties to the quilt she just wants it finished. If it were mine I would have someone hand quilt it. That to me would complete the look of the quilt. I talked with her about that also. We will talk one more time before she decides what to do. I really enjoy seeing treasures like this.
Song of the day: "Black Magic Woman" by Santana

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Missy said...

I think that I would have some one do it by hand too, if the rest of it was put together by hand. That is really beautiful though.

and yes that's Gary's head again lol