Sunday, April 27, 2008

Prom Night

I made it back from Paducah yesterday afternoon just in time to help my daughter get ready for prom. You can go see the winners on the AQS sight. There were some really great quilts. I'll talk more about quilts tomorrow.
The kids had fun taking pictures. It was a little cool outside so they did not burn up. I think they were a little nervous. One of the moms cooked them a gourmet dinner. I tried my hand at being a waitress, not good. Is it wrong to eat food off of the plate before serving it? Just kidding I only thought about it! The girls were very pretty and the guys very handsome. I heard today everyone had a great time. All of the pictures are posted on their myspace pages and the girls are commenting on the dresses. Now the next hurdle is graduation in May. I told my daughter life only gets better after you graduate. So many things to look forward to. Like unpacking from my trip to Paducah!
Song of the day: "Call Me" by Blondie

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Missy said...

I still really like that purple dress! It almost makes me want to go to prom again. I think I'd be a little over dressed in it at Mickie D's! And yes life does get much better after graduation.

ha ha I thought of you today while I was running errands. That song "I wear my sunglasses at night came on the radio" ha ha