Sunday, April 20, 2008

One Of My Favorite Quilt Shops

Well I would like to say I had a great time going up to Ky. but we had a little tragedy. Friday night my son was playing on their playset and a rope with a little metal piece flew back while he was climbing up the slide and popped him in the forehead. When he and my brother walked to the kitchen door there was blood everywhere. I could not tell where it was coming from, his nose, mouth, head, or face. To make a long story short and to keep from grossing you out. He punched a hole in his forehead and we had to go get stitches. That's my fun on a friday night. It started raining on saturday so we could not go to the downtown carnival so we did the next best thing. We went to a quilt store. This is one of my favorite stores. They use to have a tea room upstairs that served lunch but that closed down. Lunch there was definitely a factor in going there when I went to Ky. There are little treasures everywhere. You almost cannot take it all in with one visit.
It is The Village Mercantile in Booneville, In.
Song of the day: "Right Now" by Van Halen

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Missy said...

I hope your son is doing better now. ouch... Your quilting store looks like fun.