Friday, April 11, 2008

Gifts To Give

I have 3 of my quilts done now except for the binding. I will do that tonight and tomorrow. A baby gift, a graduation gift, and a friend gift. I chose a different flannel for the back of the train quilt. I pieced all of my scrap cars and trains together for the back but that was going to be way too many seams. This is a Laurel Birch flannel that I decided to put on the back. The colors matched perfect. It just feels good to get some projects finished. There definitely is not award winning quilting on these quilts but they are done!
My husband and I get to out to dinner tonight. By the use of magic both of my children will be gone. That happens maybe twice a year. I can tell we are getting older because we have the rules when we go out. We are at the restuarant by 5 or 6 because we do not like to wait, we split food to save money, and unless we are going to a movie after we are back home in about 1 1/2 hours to get into our pjs. Very sad but true!
Song of the day: "The Lighthouse Tale" by Nickel Creek

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Missy said...

They look great! I love reading your blog because it's so exciting. I love all crafts but I'm not very good at many of them. Have fun going out to dinner tonight. We are having another round of peanut butter and jelly. Oh joy!