Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fun With Friends

We had a blast today and we actually got alot accomplished. I worked on my IOP and everyone else got going on their Mumbo Gumbo. One is reproductions with black, one is brights with black and white, one is pinks and yellows with brown and blue, and one is scrappy with mainly Asian fabrics. They all look so cool. Lunch was outside on Barbara's patio. The weather was gorgeous. That makes it hard to stay inside and sew. I think we are going to keep meeting once a month until the fall then we may go to twice. It is so much fun sewing with everyone. We are responsible for bringing our own lunch but today Barbara had brownies made from scratch. That was a nice little party in my mouth!
Yah, for the Predators. Now we will have to see what happens back in Detroit friday and then back here on sunday.. There is already trash talk going on. Jo Dee Messina sang the anthem. Awesome voice.
I will see you guys back here on sunday. I am going to Ky. to spend some time with my family. TTFN!
Song of the day: "Daisy Jane" by America

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Missy said...

WOW those look awesome!!!