Wednesday, April 16, 2008

50 Strips

I have more strips cut and I am ready to go. My small quilt group is meeting tomorrow and I will be working on my Indian Orange Peel. All of the strips I have cut will only make 25 of those half cresent pieces. I will have about 80 more to go. I might have to look for more fabric in Paducah. I will have used every color once. I think I will use every color at least 3 times so I may need to incorporate a little more. Hopefully I will get alot done tomorrow and put some of it up on my design wall.
We are leaving in a little bit to go watch the Predators play Detroit in the second home play off game. We left the game the other night right before things got exciting. We never stay until the end. We like to get out before all the traffic, told you we are getting older. If it is exciting tonight we will stay. If you are a country music fan Vince Gill sang the National Anthem the other night. It will be interesting to see who sings it tonight. The lady next to us was trying her hardest to get the Titans football coaches autograph. He was about 7 seats away from us. She paid the beer guy 20$ to get it for her then still had to buy the coach a beer. Dierks Bentley was signing autographs too. I would hate to be a celebrity. Everybody always bugging you. That would drive me crazy.
Song of the day: "What Was I Thinkin" by Dierks Bentley


Marlene said...

I love your fabric choices, aren't those Loni Rossi frabics wonderful!

Missy said...

Wow, that looks like fun. Have fun sewing with your quilt group. I love that song.