Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I will definitely be taking some Motrin later. I have been painting my dining room most of today. I was thankful I did not have to paint the bottom half of the room. My back and neck are already hurting. I have to put on a second coat tomorrow. Then I will be moving on to my living room. It was a light sage green before and I painted it silver sage, more along the lines of a blue. I like it much better now that I have another room to compare it to. Of course it looks cleaner already except for the clutter. I got my paint from Restoration Hardware. I really like the colors they have. I painted our guest room Orchid, my bedroom Flax, and the master bath Latte. My fav colors brown, beige and purple! Now off to cook dinner.
Song of the day: "Warwick Avenue" by Duffy
If you are into music go to her website and watch the video of that song. She is a great new artist from the UK. I have listened to her whole cd twice today while I was painting. I really like most of the songs which is unusual for me. Great cd!


Missy said...

Wow now that is cleaning. I really like those colors too.

Frieda said...

Wow a lot of cleaning, is that for me? It looks great, and always feels so fresh when you are done. Good job.