Thursday, June 26, 2008


I was up until 12 last night putting on the borders. Our quilt group met today to sew and I wanted to be able to take it finished. It really helps me having some kind of deadline. This is the quilt I may trade for a photography print, hopefully. I have no idea what the print will be. The photographer does flowers and wildlife. The zebras that my brother has is gorgeous. This quilt is huge, 94 x 111. It is going to take alot of flannel for the back. There are 3 of the diamond shapes on the quilt and the border fabric has geckos on it.
Song of the day: "Genius of Love" by the Tom Tom Club


Missy said...

ha ha ha stess does a body good. LOL I am the same way. I can clean like crazy and have a spotless house if complany is coming. If I want to make something and post pictures by a certain time then I work on it alot, but other wise... I tend to procrastinate or procrastaknit alot!!! Have a great weekend.

Josh said...

Wow, it looks incredible.