Sunday, June 1, 2008

Waited Till The Last Minute

I bound 5 quilts yesterday. Not fun, but it nobody's fault but mine. I kept putting them off because I found other things to do. Now I can give the gifts away. 2 graduation, 1 new baby, 1 friend, and 1 soldier quilt. I hope everyone likes their quilt.
Now that summer is here I can tell I will not be posting as frequent so don't forget about me. If I get something going or finished I will definitely let you know.
Next week my son has 2 camps to go to. One lacrosse and one ice hockey. He will be exhausted, me too!
Song of the day: "Let The Music Play" by Shannon


Missy said...

Wow, that sounds like alot of work. They look nice though.

Missy said...

I'm not a huge Tim fan either. I think he is over rated. I think with that song it's more of a Rivers Rutherford thing. He wrote the song. Tim just recorded it. Gary on the other hand has done some great recordings of Rivers Rutherford's songs. I wish I could write songs like that. All I do is cheesey poems.

I hope that things have settled down for you a bit. It's never fun to be stressed out. Take care and have a great day! ~ Missy

Missy said...

Hope ya have a great weekend!