Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Only Thing Left Is Borders

My last post was my 100th post. How cool. If I could have fire works going off on the screen I would. I am sure there is a way to do it but I am not figuring it out.
I finally got it all pieced together. It took a little longer than I expected. Making the sashing and piecing it in was time consuming. I thought I would have it done in a day. I finished last night at midnight. Now I have to figure out the borders. I went and bought some fabric for that yesterday. I would like to incorporate a few 4 patches in the border but not in the corners. I will have to give it some thought. It measures 61 x 81 right now. It will end up being pretty big once I get the borders on. I think I am keeping this one. I really like how it turned out even though it is a simple pattern. I have the perfect flannel picked out for the back. It is a piece that I bought a couple years ago but I knew it would be for a quilt that I was keeping. It is extra soft. I have found that all flannel is not soft. There is alot that is very stiff and thin.
I am going to check my battery on my camera because my last few pictures have not been in focus. I hope it is the battery and not the camera.
Song of the day: "He'll Never Love You Like I Do" by Freddie Jackson

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Missy said...

That is really pretty!