Sunday, June 22, 2008


We are redoing our deck and patio. I am thinking of getting a fountain to look at while we sit on the patio. My friend Barb has one and I just love it! It is so peaceful to watch and it makes hardly any noise. The birds love it too. I don't like the fountains that sound like someone is peeing. This type is actually called an urn or olive jar. The ones I am looking at are 3-4 feet high and weigh about 2-3 hundred pounds.
If I plant flowers around it I am hoping to get butterflies and birds. Since we are fencing in our backyard I won't have to worry about any neighborhood kids messing with it. That is basically why I have not fixed up my backyard much. We are on a corner lot and really have very little privacy. All this will probably get finished just in time for winter. Hope not!
Song of the day: "Waterfalls" by TLC

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Missy said...

oh my goodness I have not heard that song forever. I love the fountains too. Though I would be worried about attracking bugs??