Friday, February 8, 2008

Bath Time

Well my day did not go as planned. The repair guy ended up coming this morning to start on the ceiling that the heat and air guy fell through. I was just expecting him to look at it and return next week. He was ready to go. Ok. I never can get anything done when there is someone in my house. I just putz around trying to look busy, when I am actually watching his every move! My dogs act goofy too when someone is in the house. So I am staring at them thinking you guys are filthy. It has been rainy and wet for a couple weeks and that doesn't help. After lunch when it had warmed up I took Pal out first and cleaned him up with the shears and cut his nails. He is an English Toy Spaniel who thinks he is a prince. I went all the way to Boston to get him. I love that breed. They are overly loving. He hates his bath though and I know he wants to bite me because I see it in his eyes. Then I go and get Drake who is the mix breed we adopted. I went about 5 miles down the road to get him. He is just happy to have a home and shows it by ruining my house! Actually he should have been a carnival dog because I could see him wearing a hat and riding a bike. He does do some pretty funny things. My back always hurts from bending over and bathing them so a laid down on the couch to stretch my back and magically fell asleep. What a day!
Song of the day: "There is No Arizona" by Jamie O,Neal


Becky said...

Who helped you pick out dogs, just kidding, your's are pretty you should see mine.

julie said...

You know those dogs just love you to pieces!! And they really love the bath thing, they just don't know how to tell you that.

Missy said...

That is the cutest dog EVER!!!