Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Goodies In The Mail

I went back to my Cook Without a Book class tonight. I missed last weeks class because I was sick. That's ok because I can make it up. It was souffles. At this time in my life I really don't see myself cooking those. Tonight she cooked hazelnut crusted chicken, wine reduction sauce, veggie stir fry, pommes frites, roasted red pepper aioli, basic mayo, pan fried fish with cornmeal crust, and tartar sauce. It was alot of food. We actually dipped the pommes frites in the red pepper aioli. That was awesome. I think my kids would even eat that. My stomach was sticking out. I will have to wear elastic waisted pants from now on. It kinda reminded me of the meat and fish classes I took. We had 4 huge pieces of both to eat with no veggies. After I left class I got so lethargic. I came home and could not get off of the couch. It was not a good feeling. Oh well, food is still my friend!!!
I received some goodies in the mail today. I ordered "me" some fabric for a bag. I need one to carry my quilts to the guild. Of course it has a little purple in it. See, I am not going to make it to Italy if I don't stop. I have an idea in my head for a felted piece so I got a few items for that and the Quilting Arts Tv dvd. I might watch that tomorrow. I just heard on the news the kids are out of school tomorrow so we will hang out at home. We will definitely be sleeping in.
One of my most favorite songs just came on. "Brick House" How can you listen to that song and not want to get up and dance. I think I might have to get up and bust a move before I go to bed!
Song of the day: "Brick House" by The Commodores

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