Monday, February 25, 2008

What To Do?

I made this piece soon after I learned the fusing technique from Melody. I think it was a magazine article by Melody, Laura, or Frieda. I am sorry I can't remember who. It was fun and only took a couple of hours. Of course I told everyone how much I slaved over it! The binding is fused also and that is absolutely wonderful, 5 minutes and done. The reason I am bringing this up is because I usually make my son's teacher a lap quilt at the end of the year. He has really liked his teachers and this should be the last year I do this. I did skip last year because of something, can't remember what. I definitely do not want to do a lap quilt. I was thinking of using my fused scraps (I have a ton) and sending a bag home for each kid in the class. Give them and their parents instructions and samples of flowers they could do. Get all the flowers back, fuse them to a background, quilt and bind it. Also have the kids sign each flower. How does that sound? It sounds alot easier than a lap quilt! I only have a couple weeks to decide. Any thoughts I am not thinking of?
Song of the day: "Sunday Mornings" by Maroon 5

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Missy said...

oh that is really pretty! Your so talented!!!