Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Inside Outside

The kids and I got to sleep in a little today. It would have been longer if my dog had not started barking. That meant that someone was walking by my house. Drake acts like he wants to chew everyone's legs off. When I buy new front doors I will make a point to block his view! Then I hear my son whimpering in his room. He just got his braces back on so I knew he was really sore. Needless to say this snow day was not as relaxing as usual. We had sushi for lunch then went and picked up my chocolate covered pretzels. That made things much better.
The Predators played awful against Buffalo tonight. It was a hard one to watch. There were some good fights. The goalie for Buffalo got hit straight in the face mask with the puck. He fell right over. I didn't really understand how he got a bloody nose. There mask is metal and it is far from there face. That had to hurt. One of our guys got hit in the back of the neck with the puck. No protection there.
My show finally came back on, "Men in Trees". It is a corny show but I like it.
It snowed on and off all day. It was beautiful! We stayed nice and warm by the fire. It looks like the kids will go back to school tomorrow. This is good because I will be meeting my quilting friends tomorrow for a day of sewing.
Song of the day: "Smile" by Lily Allen


Missy said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Snow days are so much fun!!!

teri springer said...

Actually, the goalie mask is kevlar and fiber glass- like a bullet proof vest. Very light weight but there is not a lot of padding in there. The pressure from impact can cause a split in skin and even a skull fracture. It was the latter that caused the end of Mike Richter's career (NY Rangers).

Sorry about the Preds. My favorite teams are Detroit, the Pens and whoever is playing against Buffalo even tho their #1 goalie, Ryan Miller is a local boy....

Hope your son is feeling better. Braces after adjusting are so painful.

teri (almost 20 years as a hockey mom)