Friday, February 22, 2008

Tile and Grout

I feel like you can get inspiration from anywhere, even your childs artwork. I really like all the little artsy projects that my kids have done over the years. My son made me this 6 inch tile for Mothers Day last year. I put it up on the mantle so I could see it everyday. That was a mistake. The sun faded it and I don't think the markers they used were permanent. But while it was up there I mainly looked at the part that said I love u. One day I paid attention to the background and really liked the large blocks of color he had put together. So I started thinking about tile and grout. That would be a series for me to start on. I asked him if it was ok if I made a quilt from his tile. Of course he said yes. After he saw it I explained my series to him and told him the difference between tile and grout. He seemed to like the idea so I asked him if he wanted to sit out on the deck and draw with me. I told him I might make another one of his drawings into a quilt. He even colored in some of his drawings. I told him I would try to match what he had done. Pretty cool!
This is actually the first quilt that I like the photo better than the actual quilt. The fabrics are more subdued in the quilt. I enhanced the color on the photo. It almost looks like an oil painting. The quilting did not show up that well because each color has matching thread.
"The Tile" 32 x 42
Song of the day: "Me And Mrs. Jones" by Billy Paul

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Missy said...

That's really cool! The colors really pop. I bet it would make a good manly or kids blanket!